JM Bullion Added to PM Pricing Tables

Yesterday I added JM Bullion products to the pricing tables and dealer-review listings.  So if you’ve used JM Bullion, please take a moment to write a review.

I’m a big fan of JM Bullion’s product offering, which focuses on core gold and silver products that are geared towards investors and precious metal stackers.  This is especially helpful if you’re new to purchasing PMs because you don’t have to worry about accidentally purchasing odd brands or numismatic coins.  To ensure authenticity, JM Bullion only buys directly from mints and distributors, and they do not buy any items from the general public.

I also like the JM Bullion attitude towards paper.  JM Bullion does not hold PMs on account or offer paper metal investments because they believe “the only way to truly own precious metals is to hold them in your possession.”

Check out the JM Bullion site here: