Silver Bars

Before you buy silver bars online, use the table below to find the best place to buy silver bars. You can compare silver bar prices of popular bullion dealers like BGASC, GovMint, Bullion Exchanges and many more. Click the prices in the table to go directly to the bullion dealer’s product page. Alternatively, click the name of the bullion dealer to read customer reviews for that dealer.

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Prices are updated continuously every 15 minutes but usually do not change when the market is closed. The market is open 24 hours a day, from Sunday at 5:00 PM Eastern time until Friday at 5:00 PM Eastern time.

Use the table above to compare silver prices for silver bars from silver dealers before you buy silver bullion. The table always displays the cheapest silver price available for one silver bar. For example, if the dealer sells 100 oz silver bars from PAMP Suisse and 100 oz bars from Engelhard, the table displays the cheapest price of the two. All silver bullion prices in the top table are in US dollars (Federal Reserve notes), and the European table is in Euros. For more information about how the silver price table works, read How The Silver And Gold Price Comparison Tables Work.

Be sure to check out the customer reviews before your choose a gold coin dealer. Then come back, write your own review, and tell us about your experience.

Buying Silver Bars Online

In today’s diverse bullion market, silver bullion offers an economical way of owning silver in quantities that suit your personal budget. In the price comparison table above, you can find silver in a variety of weights from 1 oz to 100 oz. If you browse further to one of the bullion dealers’ sites, like BGASC or Govmint, you can find silver bars ranging from 1 gram to a whopping 400 oz. Investors find silver bullion bars very popular and often prefer them over silver bullion coins for several reasons. Some common factors that push many towards investing in silver bars include:

  • Affordable pricing – Silver bars have lower premiums over the spot price of silver than silver coins.
  • No denominations – Bars are not stamped with monetary denominations. Silver coins, however, are stamped with a denomination. For example, silver American Eagle coins are stamped with a value of “one dollar” even though they are worth much much more. Silver bars, on the other hand, display only their weight and purity. Imagine you’re experiencing a global economic collapse, and you’re trying to explain to an uninitiated yahoo that the coin you want to exchange for a chicken is actually worth more than “one dollar.” If you have a silver bar marked only by weight and purity, you can avoid the confusion altogether.
  • Variety – Bars come in several formats, like cast bars, hand-poured bars, and minted ingots. They also come in a variety of styles; everything from simple, hand-poured bars to limited edition artistic bars with intricate detail.