Social Security Disability Fund Will Run Out in 2015

According to the Social Security Trust Fund, the Social Security Disability Fund will run out in 2015. Either benefits for 12 million people will get cut by 30% (current law), or any shortfall will have to come from more deficits and debt. I suppose a third option would be to put the government in charge of health care to ensure these 12 million people die early.

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  2. why should disabeled social security be taken away from people who have worked all their lifes or at least most of them have, why not take away ssi these are the people who have done nothing all their lifes and lay around waiting on ssi checks to buy their drugs with

    1. Wow carol, you just have them all figured out dont you? Its a good thing YOU will NEVER become disabled or somehow need ssi benefits to “buy your drugs with!” Did you ever stop to think that the MAJORITY of people on ssa/ssi PAY BILLS, buy groceries, buy NEEDS, ETC? Of course not:-( derp….its ALL FOR DRUGS! You madam are a rude, assumptive, nasty, p.o.s! STOP ASSUMING you got it all “figured out” because you are a clueless b-@*!!!!!

  3. Social security taxes should come out of all money earned—even after making $80,000 and continuing to make more money that is not taxed after making $80,000—that’s why social security is running out!!

    1. The government is in debt over $18 trillion. They are completely and utterly irresponsible with money. Why should the government be in charge of our retirement?

  4. Hi Folks. I am very concerned with this to the fact that I contacted a social to ask his opinion on this subject. He pretty much told me to relax. It’s a ploy by politicians. Folks WILL NOT see their benefits reduced to 80% at the end of 2015. With the millions of people on disability it would be political suicide to cut disability for either party. Especially right before a presidential election election. Baby Boomers are aging to the point where they will go on old age S.S. naturally. This will lower the number of people who are on SS Disability. Both parties will take credit for lowering the disability numbers. What they will probably vote on is
    Aging Baby Boomers ( Me) who are on disability will become old enough to go on old age social security through the aging process. They might make it harder and a more complex process for future applicants to receive SS Disability…. and of course take credit for this.
    Just a quick background on my source and myself. Union Electrician for 30 years. Beat myself up for all that time. i have severe arthritis, neurapathy, spinal stenousus etc. I have gone through two hip replacements and a knee replacement . My source is a lawyer who worked for S.S. for 30 years. I would trust this man with my life.

  5. This will mark the end of my life if this happens. I am only 40 years old but I was born with 4 disabled in 4 ways, so what does this mean that the government is gona just through us out on the streets and let us all die?

    1. It probably means the government the government will turn yet another unborn generation of children into tax slaves, so the scam can continue.

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