Gold Price Manipulation Explained

Many people believe the gold price is kept artificially low to hide inflation. In this video which confirms gold price manipulation, Lars Schall interviews technical analyst and author, Dimitri Speck, about gold price manipulation. Among other things, Speck also mentions silver prices are also manipulated.

Dimitri Speck, who initially studied electrical engineering, is a founding partner and Chief Financial Engineer of Staedel Hanseatic, an investment managing fund based in Frankfurt, Luxembourg and Riga. The investment process is based on computer models that were developed through years of empirical research. Speck specializes in pattern recognition of charts. As part of these activities, he came across anomalies in the gold price, and he was able to demonstrate systematic interventions in the gold market. He also designed the Stay-C Commodity Index of the German stock exchange and is the editor of the website Furthermore, he is the author of the book “Geheime Goldpolitik” (“Secret Gold Policy”), which was published in 2010 at the Finanzbuch Verlag in Munich.

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