I finally finished a project that has been hanging over my head for a long time, so I could return to the joy that is working on this site, and I did a little housekeeping. Hopefully I only made improvements, but if you notice anything broken in the pricing tables, please let me know.

While I was testing the new code, I noticed has much better prices than they used to have, especially on American Eagles and American Eagle Monster boxes, which are currently the forth cheapest and second cheapest respectively.  In the past, they used to be one of the most expensive dealers, and you had to join their insider program in order to get a decent price.  But now it seems as though the low prices are for everyone, and you no longer need the insider program to get the good prices. The insider program still remains, however, and it offers other goodies, like access to special reports, charts etc.  Anyway, I’m glad to see these changes, since I’m a fan of Mike Maloney.

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