BGASC and Other News

Last week, I added Buy Gold And Silver Coins (BGASC) to the price-comparison tables for silver coins, silver bars, gold coins and gold bars. There is also a customer review page for BGASC, which has actually been in place for a long time. So if you’ve made purchases from BGASC, please write a review and tell us about your experience.

Where did Monex go?

I got an email the other day from someone wondering why Monex doesn’t appear in the price comparison tables. Actually, Monex was listed in the tables for a long time, but I decided to remove them because they don’t have have a typical online store that my users expect. is primarily for people who want to buy physical gold and silver online, using standard shopping-cart systems that we’re all familiar with. How do you buy silver and gold from Monex?  I don’t know, but their How to Buy Gold page is TLDR and you have to call to find out how. Seriously though, I don’t have anything against Monex; they simply don’t match the click-and-buy model that I want to catalog in the price-comparison tables.

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