Added Perth Mint Review Page

I added a dealer-review page for Perth Mint today. I’ve always liked their gold bars, but never listed Perth Mint before because this site is mostly focused on dealers in North America. But when I saw they offer free worldwide shipping on orders over $400 AUD, I thought I’d make an exception.

I’d really like to add them to the pricing tables too, but unfortunately, all of their prices are in Australian dollars and Euros. So until I get my European site up (yes, I have one in the works), I won’t be able to display Perth Mint in the price-comparison tables.

If anyone has made a purchase from Perth Mint, I would appreciate it if you left a review, and if you know of any other dealers outside of North America that offer free shipping, or some other incentive that would make them attractive to North American customers, please let me know about them.



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