Heartland Precious Metals: Reviews and Price-Comparison

I added Heartland Precious Metals to the price-comparison tables this week. Like all the other precious-metal dealers that I index, they also have a customer review page where you can read and write customer reviews. At the moment, Heartland Precious Metals has the best prices on almost every product in the price-comparison tables. So if you’ve made a purchase at Heartland Precious Metals, tell us about it, write a review.

Server back up

Something went wrong when I applied an upgrade, or two, to the server late last night. As a result, the site was down for a few hours, but everything seems to working fine now. If anyone notices any problems, please let me know about it.



BGASC and Other News

Last week, I added Buy Gold And Silver Coins (BGASC) to the price-comparison tables for silver coins, silver bars, gold coins and gold bars. There is also a customer review page for BGASC, which has actually been in place for a long time. So if you’ve made purchases from BGASC, please write a review and tell us about your experience.

Where did Monex go?

I got an email the other day from someone wondering why Monex doesn’t appear in the price comparison tables. Actually, Monex was listed in the tables for a long time, but I decided to remove them because they don’t have have a typical online store that my users expect. CompareGoldGndSilverPrices.com is primarily for people who want to buy physical gold and silver online, using standard shopping-cart systems that we’re all familiar with. How do you buy silver and gold from Monex?  I don’t know, but their How to Buy Gold page is TLDR and you have to call to find out how. Seriously though, I don’t have anything against Monex; they simply don’t match the click-and-buy model that I want to catalog in the price-comparison tables.

Added Perth Mint Review Page

I added a dealer-review page for Perth Mint today. I’ve always liked their gold bars, but never listed Perth Mint before because this site is mostly focused on dealers in North America. But when I saw they offer free worldwide shipping on orders over $400 AUD, I thought I’d make an exception.

I’d really like to add them to the pricing tables too, but unfortunately, all of their prices are in Australian dollars and Euros. So until I get my European site up (yes, I have one in the works), I won’t be able to display Perth Mint in the price-comparison tables.

If anyone has made a purchase from Perth Mint, I would appreciate it if you left a review, and if you know of any other dealers outside of North America that offer free shipping, or some other incentive that would make them attractive to North American customers, please let me know about them.



Chinese Silver Pandas and Other News

I removed the Mexican Libertads from the silver coin price comparison table and added Chinese silver pandas instead. There haven’t been many Libertads in the list for a long time, so I thought I would make better use of the real-estate on the page by displaying silver pandas.

I realize one of the dealers is displaying a gold panda on the silver table at the moment, and that’s because “silver” is missing from their product description. I’ve informed them of the issue, so hopefully it will be fixed soon.

Tomorrow, I’m planning on adding junk silver to the table. Finally!

You might have noticed some links at the bottom of the coin tables that look something like this:

These are just a way to narrow the scope of the price-comparison tables to specific products. Eventually, I’ll have similar links for all of the coins and possibly the bars too.

I’ve also added a dealer map that displays all of the precious metal dealers that are featured on this site

By the way, I’m finally getting around to making these changes because I recently completed a database overhaul, which took a long time, and I didn’t want to implement any new features until that work was complete.


I finally finished a project that has been hanging over my head for a long time, so I could return to the joy that is working on this site, and I did a little housekeeping. Hopefully I only made improvements, but if you notice anything broken in the pricing tables, please let me know.

While I was testing the new code, I noticed GoldSilver.com has much better prices than they used to have, especially on American Eagles and American Eagle Monster boxes, which are currently the forth cheapest and second cheapest respectively.  In the past, they used to be one of the most expensive dealers, and you had to join their insider program in order to get a decent price.  But now it seems as though the low prices are for everyone, and you no longer need the insider program to get the good prices. The insider program still remains, however, and it offers other goodies, like access to special reports, charts etc.  Anyway, I’m glad to see these changes, since I’m a fan of Mike Maloney.

Cache Metals Added to the Price-Comparison Tables

I added Cache Metals to the price-comparison tables yesterday. Like all the other precious-metal dealers that I index, they also have a customer review page where you can read and write customer reviews.

Cache Metals is located in Canada. I’m really be interested in hearing comments from Americans who have ordered silver and gold from Canada. Are there customs duties or taxes? What was your experience?

How The Silver And Gold Price Comparison Tables Work

This site’s main focus is the four price-comparison tables that compare: silver coin prices, silver bullion prices, gold coin prices and gold bullion prices. This post describes how the silver and gold price comparison tables work in detail.

Lowest price for one unit

The goal of each price-comparison table is to show the lowest silver and gold price for one unit. Some dealers do not sell single units, and there is not much I can do about that. If, however, you ever discover that I’m accidentally indexing a volume-discount price, instead of a single price, just let me know and I’ll fix it ASAP. In fact, if you check the comments on the ABOUT page, you’ll see that I’m very quick to fix problems and fulfill other requests.

For gold bars and silver bars, the mint is not taken into consideration. For example, when gathering prices for 1 oz gold bars, it doesn’t matter if the bars are from the Perth Mint, Pamp Suisse or Heraeus; what matters is the bottom line: the cheapest price for one ounce of gold.

Price intervals

Prices are indexed for each table every 15 minutes. This can cause minor price discrepancies depending on the dealer’s own price-update frequency and market volatility. However, from my experience, 15 minutes provides a good price accuracy without clogging the dealers’ servers too much.

You should also consider that each dealer updates his own prices at different rates. I’ve seen everything from instant (live market) updates, all the way up to one-hour intervals. It seems as though most silver and gold dealers update every minute.

Prices are collected around the clock, except when the market is closed, from Friday 17:00 until Sunday at 17:00. So if you check prices on the weekend, the prices should always match exactly. If they don’t match, please let me know about it.

Note: This site is a guide for comparing prices. Before making purchases, please refer to each dealer’s own site to ensure the most recent and accurate prices.

Shipping prices are not included. I don’t include shipping because there are too many variables to do that in a consistent way. For example, some dealers offer flat rates, whereas others use standard shipping rates. In the latter case, you would need to know the destination address and services used in order to provide an accurate price, and I’m not interested in collecting that data from my users, for your safety and mine.

Payment methods

When indexing prices, the payment method is not considered because some companies are cheaper when paying by bank wire, while others are cheaper when paying by credit card or check. Some companies even have account systems, where you have to fund an account before you can make purchases and take possession. Also, not all companies offer the same payment methods, so it’s hard to pick one payment type that everyone accepts. Therefore, the payment method is not taken into consideration; all that matters is the lowest price for a single item.

If you check the customer-review page for the dealers you’re interested in, you can see the payment methods they accept.


The precious-metal pricing tables try to index prices for items that are in stock. Not all dealers list whether or not an item is in stock, but for those that do, I try to avoid out-of-stock items.

Things that can go wrong

This site indexes gold and silver dealer prices from 35 categories of silver and gold, every 15 minutes, from a long list of dealers, which amounts to about 250,000 page requests every day. That’s a lot of data going back and forth, and sometimes problems can occur. For example:

  • Dealers can change the layout of their site, which can cause unknown problems or even cause a site to disappear from the tables automatically.
  • Product variations can get indexed on accident. This can happen if a dealer doesn’t use standardized names for items. For example, one time a coin-holder price was indexed, instead of the actual coin.
  • Dealers performing site maintenance can display price discrepancies or be temporarily dropped from the price comparison tables. This can also happen if there is any kind of disruption in web services.

When serious problems occur, dealers are automatically removed from the pricing tables until I have a chance to diagnose the problem because I prefer to display no information, than incorrect information. However, if you ever notice an unusual problem that persists, please tell me about it, and I’ll fix it ASAP.

Amagi Metals Added to the Price-Comparison Tables

I added Amagi Metals to the price-comparison tables tonight.  Of course, they also have a review page too.

Amagi Metals was founded in 2009, so they are relatively new to the scene. Besides the usual inventory, Amagi Metals also sells Silver Bullet Silver Shield rounds by Chris Duane.

An interesting tidbit: Their company name comes from the Sumerian cuneiform symbol, ama-gi, which is the earliest known reference to liberty and dates back over 4,000 years.