October 18 to 19, 2012: European Council Meeting

The European Council meets at least twice every six months in the Justus Lipsius building in Brussels. It comprises the heads of state or government of the EU Member States and the President of the European Commission. It is chaired by its President, Herman Van Rompuy. The High Representative for Foreign Affairs also takes part in its meetings.

No doubt, there will be much discussion about Spain, Greece and a performance by Nigel Farage.

Read the European Council Interim Report from their last meeting.

The Gold War: Physical vs Paper

There are two types of gold: physical and paper.  Everyone knows what physical gold is; it’s the shiny stuff you hold in your hands.  Paper gold, refers to a piece of paper (or digits in a computer) acting as a substitute for the physical gold.  With paper gold, you don’t own the gold. Many experts claim that there are at least 200 “paper” ounces for every ounce of physical gold.

As I mentioned in another post, the paper market is where all the price manipulation occurs, and currently there is a war between paper gold traders and physical gold holders.  If fact, according to John Embry:

“We are literally witnessing a war between the physical buyers (Eastern central banks), and the paper manipulators (commercials or bullion banks), and that is why there is such a fierce battle being waged in gold between $1,735 and $1,800.”

“If the commercials run into trouble (with their massive short positions), KWN readers will see a move in gold that will leave them breathless.”

The paper manipulators (commercials) are massively short gold, and every time they try to drive the price of gold lower to close their positions, they are blocked by a wall of physical buying.  Meanwhile, physical buyers, such as China, are happy to pick up physical gold at discounted prices.

Convergence in Arabian Sea Week 41

The propaganda to attack Iran started when Bush was still in office and continues to today under the leadership of the Noble Peace Prize winner. The third US Aircraft carrier (CVN-74 Stennis) and the second big-deck amphibious warfare ship (LHA-5 Peleliu) dispatched several weeks ago to meet with the 5th US Fleet headquartered in the Arabian Sea, located by the Straits of Hormuz next to Iran.

In the 1980s, the USSR had tens of thousands of nuclear warheads aimed at the US, and not a drop of blood was shed. But now it seems the US has to invade every turd-world country that might have even a remote possibility of arming itself sometime in the future.
Who knows how it will kick off, but one things is certain: Wars with Libya, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Somalia, Sudan, and Iran have all been planned in advance as General Clark admits in this video:

Gold Price Manipulation Explained

Many people believe the gold price is kept artificially low to hide inflation. In this video which confirms gold price manipulation, Lars Schall interviews technical analyst and author, Dimitri Speck, about gold price manipulation. Among other things, Speck also mentions silver prices are also manipulated.

Dimitri Speck, who initially studied electrical engineering, is a founding partner and Chief Financial Engineer of Staedel Hanseatic, an investment managing fund based in Frankfurt, Luxembourg and Riga. The investment process is based on computer models that were developed through years of empirical research. Speck specializes in pattern recognition of charts. As part of these activities, he came across anomalies in the gold price, and he was able to demonstrate systematic interventions in the gold market. He also designed the Stay-C Commodity Index of the German stock exchange and is the editor of the website www.seasonal-charts.com. Furthermore, he is the author of the book “Geheime Goldpolitik” (“Secret Gold Policy”), which was published in 2010 at the Finanzbuch Verlag in Munich.

Plastic Coin Capsules for Silver Canadian Maples: A Lesson Learned

A 1 oz silver Canadian Maple is 38 mm in diameter, so you might think that a plastic coin capsule with an inner diameter of 38 mm would be the perfect fit.  Right?  Wrong.  It might work for other coins, but for the 1 oz Canadian Maple, the fit is so tight that the case cracks when you put the lid on.

So I got a 39 mm capsule and it works, though there is a little space around the sides of the coin.

It Only Takes 10% to Change Society

If you’re interested in precious metals, your eyes are probably aware of the economic troubles of the world. You’re probably also aware of our diminishing freedoms and and ever-expanding, invasive government, which affects almost every aspect of our lives. Sometimes it’s suffocating and overwhelming to be awake.  But today I found hope.

Scientists have discovered that when just 10 percent of the population holds an unshakable belief, their belief will always be adopted by the majority of the society.

I hope that brightened your day and lifted your spirits.  Keep spreading the word about sound money and Liberty.

Source: phys.org

Win a 1 oz Silver Canadian Maple Coin

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Much Ado About Gold Standards

There is a lot of buzz about the gold standard in the news these days. Neocons, wanting to grab Libertarian votes, like to talk about the gold standard. Financial outlets like Bloomberg and other MSM are talking about the gold standard too. Although this is a small step in the right direction, a “gold standard” is actually a rigged standard.

When people hear the phrase, gold standard, they imagine a system where the dollar is backed by gold. Unfortunately, this is only partially true. When the government speaks of a gold standard, they are referring to a system where the government ties the dollar to gold and (this is the bad part) specifies the price of gold. It’s all about control.  You can guarantee any future attempts to create a gold standard will be rigged against us.

To be fair, a gold standard is better than pure fiat currency. It does keep government spending in check better than fiat, which the government can borrow from the Fed at will at your expense. In a free society, however, people would be free to use whatever medium they choose as money.  I would choose gold and silver.