Gold as a FOREX Currency

Another gold writer emailed me the other day with a few questions about my take on the apparent disconnect between the gold price action this year and “physical gold’s obvious fundamentals.” I explained to him how the POG (price of gold) is thoroughly and utterly disconnected from the physical segment of the gold market today. I said that any increase in physical demand (due to physical gold’s

"Special" Drawing Rights

One of you asked me the other day about a couple of SDR theories floating around right now that you thought might somehow be a threat to Freegold. I thought I’d share my email response with everyone:

My basic approach to the SDR is, who cares? It doesn’t matter. It would be worse than irrelevant to Freegold, it would be superfluous. It’s just marginal speculation by people who haven’t

MTM Party Forum

Happy MTM Party day! The snapshot reported today was €989.078. The only thing a little bit interesting about it is that it’s quite a bit higher than both the AM and PM fixes on Friday. The AM fix was €967 and the PM fix was €964. I guess it just goes to show the randomness of the snapshot, or not. Incidentally, there was a curious Snapshot day glitch on the LBMA website over the weekend,

October Open Forum

With 500 comments on the last one, a new month, a new season and a new Snapshot day upon us, I thought it was time for a fresh thread.

A few people have asked me about Snapshot day. Was it yesterday, at €984, or today, at €953? I should say that I don’t put much stock in the middle quarters because they often show volatility that is not present when you only look at the major quarters.

What about Sprott’s 4,500 tonne export ‘gap’?

Someone emailed me yesterday:

I was reading Turd Ferguson’s blog the other day and he brought up a pretty interesting point about Western CB’s not having any more gold left (based on Erik Sprott’s research regarding the gold exports from the US) and it’s impact on Freegold.

Would you be so kind as to share your thoughts on this topic?

I’ve included the link to his post below for

Glimpsing 3 – Gold Mining in Freegold

The governments will revalue gold and “demand” that the public carry it and use it! It will be the source of all gold, the mines, that will be controlled!
That’s Controlled, with a capital “C”, not confiscated!

When the dust does clear for mining to continue, gold will be recognized worldwide as real money, and the mining of money will, no doubt, carry Extreme taxation.
This is


My Candid View – Part 10

“Did you have a “simple yet profound” A-HA moment you wanted to discuss?”

Ah, yes… my aha moment.

Well, FOFOA, it may be an errant aha moment, but here it is:

I had thought that the paper gold market was tethered to the physical market, and, while it is, it is not tethered to it the way that I imagined it was. In posts I had asserted that the paper market needed

My Candid View – Part 9

“Gold is the only money the world has ever known”
Sounds like a simple thought, but it isn’t.To understand the following you must rethink your basic
knowledge of money and investments. Get your aspirin ready.
What will change is how we view money and wealthEverything else in Freegold flows from that!

Your e-mail to XXXXXX on GOFAUX has, so far, left me with just one

My Candid View – Part 8

Whilst discussing the demise of the Canadian penny in front of a Congressional panel, Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke demonstrates that “transactional currency is simply a notional, purely symbolic token medium of exchange, much more replaceable, resource-efficient and environmentally friendly than mining stupid metals for stupid coins.”
(NotReal News)

I just got off the phone with Bob.

My Candid View – Part 7

Actual GLD Vault

Another question that I think has a decent chance of getting asked is something related to the repatriation of German gold.

We are, of course, standing in a different place from the tidal wave whose narrative is “They don’t have the gold and so they crashed da Market” to get their hands on cheap physical to replace that which they didn’t have.

My line in response