Hidden Secrets of Money: 4 Episodes

Here’s a playlist featuring all four episodes in the Hidden Secrets of Money series by Mike Maloney. Episode one is important if you’re not familiar with Mike Maloney and you  plan on following him, but if you don’t have time to watch the entire series, watch episode 4; It’s a real eye-opener for the uninitiated.

Hidden Secrets of Money Episode 1 – Currency vs. Money

In this video, Mike talks about the difference between currency (the dollar) and money (gold). This is one of the most important lessons you will ever learn, and will pave the way for future episodes.

Hidden Secrets of Money Episode 2 – Seven Stages of Empire

Mike explains where and why currency became money. He also explains one of the most predictable long-term economic cycles: the Seven Stages Of Empire. Then he explains where we are now in the last 140 years of our own monetary history.

Hidden Secrets of Money Episode 3 – From Dollar Crisis To Golden Opportunity

Mike talks about the Death Of The Dollar Standard and explains what you can do about it.

Hidden Secrets of Money Episode 4 – The Biggest Scam In The History Of Mankind (In 7 Easy Steps)

As I mentioned already, if you only have time to watch one of the videos in this series, this is the one. In this video–the only one that lives up to the “hidden secrets” in my opinion–Mike explains how money is created out of debt, and how paying off debt would cause the entire system to collapse. He shows how the entire fiat banking system is a fraud, the cause of inflation and much much more. Pass this one on to your friends that need to take the red pill.

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