Hillary Heard a Fly Buzz When She Died

A fly landed on Hillary’s face during the October 9 presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, and I was immediately reminded of a poem by Emily Dickinson.

I heard a Fly buzz – when I died – (591)
By Emily Dickinson

I heard a Fly buzz – when I died –
The Stillness in the Room
Was like the Stillness in the Air –
Between the Heaves of Storm –

The Eyes around – had wrung them dry –
And Breaths were gathering firm
For that last Onset – when the King
Be witnessed – in the Room –

I willed my Keepsakes – Signed away
What portion of me be
Assignable – and then it was
There interposed a Fly –

With Blue – uncertain – stumbling Buzz –
Between the light – and me –
And then the Windows failed – and then
I could not see to see –

I find it fitting on many levels, metaphorically and literally. Literally: a fly actually landed on her face and she is in poor health. Metaphorically: her campaign is dying, and her criminal career is over. If you look deeper into the poem, flies are often associated with Beelzebub, the Lord of the Flies, the devil. In the end of the poem, the fly comes “Between the light – and me.” In other words, the devil is blocking her journey into the light as she closes her eyes and dies. Fitting indeed!

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