Gold “Bubble” vs Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber Bubble

Gold is not in a bubble, but Justin Bieber is, and fortunately Bieber’s bubble has already popped.

Remember the .com bubble (aka IT bubble) and the real-estate bubble?  What did these bubbles have in common (besides the fact that they were pumped with bad monetary policy)? Virtually everyone wanted a piece of the action, and if you couldn’t get in, you were talking about it. And if you weren’t talking about it, or you weren’t interested, it was in the news everywhere, every day.  It was omnipresent.  You couldn’t escape hearing about it from the main-stream media and their teams of experts and talking heads.

Logically, the amount of interest in any given subject (in this case, asset bubbles) is reflected in search engine traffic. There are many tools on the Internet that display this type of information.  For example, during an ordinary day, there are probably hundreds of thousands of people doing searches on Michael Jackson. When he died, Michael Jackson was in headlines around the world, and you can see a huge spike in internet search interest on that day.

The animation below uses several common gold and silver internet search terms to demonstrate how very little people are interested in gold and silver compared to Justin Bieber.

Gold Bubble vs Justin Bieber
This animation compares search interest between silver bullion, gold bullion, gold coins and Justin Bieber.

The good news is that Justin Bieber is in decline, but more importantly you can see that neither gold nor silver are in a bubble. In fact, search engine interest in gold and silver is a flat line compared to Justin Bieber. Relatively speaking, no one is talking about gold. There is no gold bubble.

Considering the world’s lack of interest in things that really matter–like how the banking system works, something that actually affects our daily lives–and the average person’s obsession with pop culture, you might expect similar results when comparing real estate with Justin Bieber. The following chart might surprise you however.  Here you can see that interest in real estate actually surpassed the pop icon:

Real Estate vs Justin Bieber
Real Estate vs Justin Bieber

So until everyone on the street is talking about gold, until it’s in all the MSM headlines, and until interest gold is on par with the latest pop star, there is no gold bubble.

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  1. Whenever gold prices increase the media are out in full force claiming gold is in a bubble. Before the financial crisis kicked off in 2008 gold was at $1,000. It fell about 30% but later went up 80% higher than it’s the $1,000 peak. However gold stocks were only 10% higher at the time. In a real bubble gold stocks would outperform physical gold because that’s where the speculative money would go in a bubble. The lack of confidence in gold stocks at the time implied fear in the gold market- not a gold bubble. In fact, gold rose because it is a safe-haven from inflation.

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