Delivery Delays and Stock Shortages

The recent drop in gold and silver prices has caused a spike in demand, which has emptied the shelves and caused delays for many precious metal dealers. Below is a table of current (April 2, 2013) messages regarding delays shortages.  I commend the dealers who state which items are out of stock or delayed, so we have a clearer picture of what is happening in the markets.

Dealer Message
Bullion Direct “Due to a increase in market activity, please anticipate product and operational delays.”
Gainesville Coins “This item will begin shipping on 05/10/2013” on several popular silver coins.
Gold and Silver Online “SOLD OUT” on many silver items.
Golden Eagle Coins “Out Of Stock” and “Delayed Shipping Date: 05/18/2013″ on some silver items.“Delayed Shipping Date: 04/25/2013″ on some gold items. “Estimated Shipment Date May 19, 2013″ on many silver items.”Estimated Shipment Date May 05, 2013” on many gold items.
JCSGold “Out Of Stock” on popular silver coins.
Kitco “Shipping only outside US. Due to high demand, this product is only available outside of the US.” on many silver and gold items.
Lear Capital “Because of the recent market swings, we are limiting online orders to $5000 after hours.””Delivery may take up to an additional 14 days due to supply postponements.”
Provident Metals “STOCK DELAYED” and “OUT OF STOCK” on many silver items.”STOCK DELAYED” on many gold items.
Texas Precious Metals “Out Of Stock” on many silver items.”Out Of Stock” on some gold items.

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