Europe’s Refugee Crisis

Europe’s Refugee Crisis

Europe is suffering a refugee crisis of Europe’s own making. By mindlessly and immorally supporting for 14 years Washington’s illegal and unjustified wars in the Middle East and North Africa that have murdered and displaced millions of peoples, European governments have created a flood of refugees into Europe. Instead of accepting their responsibility for peoples whose lives Europe has helped to ruin, European governments are employing fences and violence to keep out the hordes of peoples displaced by Washington’s violence and the violence that Washington’s violence unleashed. Those who escaped the Americans are now being murdered by ISIS. Jean Raspail’s prediction in The Camp Of The Saints that a morally disarmed Europe would be unable to turn away Third World hordes that would overwhelm Europe has not prevented the construction of razor-wire fences and the deployment of troops and dogs against refugees.

Finian Cunningham, a writer who possesses a moral conscience, explains how refugees fleeing violence cannot get away from violence. Read his article:

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