Birds of Prey Silver Coins

The Royal Canadian Mint released the Birds of Prey Silver Coin series in February of 2014 to commemorate Canada’s rich wildlife and iconic native birds. Following the RCM’s successful Canadian Wildlife Silver Coin series, the Birds of Prey series is looking to solidify their place in the silver coin collectible market with distinctively Canadian themes.


There are a planned 4 coins to be released within 2 years (2014-2015). There will be a staggered release with the initial coin being introduced in February 2014, the second in August 2014, the third in February 2015 and the fourth and final coin in August of 2015.

Each Birds of Prey silver coin will feature a different Canadian bird of prey. Every coin comes minted with the quality that you can expect from the Royal Canadian Mint with the coin being produced in .9999 fine silver and with the same finish as other RCM silver bullion coins.


Coins of the Birds Of Prey Series

2014 Peregrine Falcon


This was the first coin to be released in February of 2014. Emily Damstra was tapped as the designer – her experience in coin illustration is well documented and her designs have graced many coins in the past. The Peregrine Falcon she illustrated depicts a descending falcon with its talons outstretched, reaching for its prey. Unlike other silver bullion coins, the main design of the coin is on the reverse, not the obverse. The obverse of silver coins from the RCM is almost always the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, designed by Susanna Blunt. The Peregrine Falcon silver coin is available in bullion and proof versions.

2014 Canadian Bald Eagle


This was the second coin to be released in the series – it was released in August of 2014. Again, Emily Damstra was commissioned by the Royal Canadian Mint to produce the design of the coin. For the Canadian Bald Eagle, she drew an intricately detailed illustration of a Bald Eagle in full flight while grasping its prey (a fish) in its talons. The reverse is the standard portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. The date, weight, fineness and face value is also stated, as is standard on all Canadian bullion.

2015 Red-Tailed Hawk


The Red-Tailed Hawk was the third coin in the series to be released and the first coin released in 2015 (February). Again, Emily Damstra was the artist commissioned to sculpt this design. The reverse of the coin features a Red-Tailed Hawk diving for its prey with its talons outstretched. The obverse features the standard portrait of Queen Elizabeth II.

2015 4th Coin

This coin is to be determined and will be released late 2015.

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