The Morality of Gold and Silver

Right and WrongMany people talk about gold and silver as investments or hedges against inflation, but to me, it’s not just about protecting wealth or making making a profit; it’s about promoting the concept of sound money, which is morally correct.

If everyone used sound money (gold and silver), governments would be forced to use sound money too, and their purses would be restrained by economic reality. For example, if the Federal Reserve wasn’t able to create trillions of dollars out of thin air, the government would have a hard time funding illegal wars that most people oppose. Likewise, the government wouldn’t be able to fund wars at home (TSA, Homeland Security, police militarization etc.) because they would have to raise money for these operations with real money, instead of borrowing from future generations and taxing us with inflation.  Imagine if Obama addressed the nation and asked everyone to pay an additional ounce of gold this month, so we could be sexually assaulted by the TSA at the airport. Imagine if he asked for three more ounces of gold, so he he could invade another turd-world country that has not attacked America.  Imagine if he asked for two more ounces, so Homeland Security could purchase billions of rounds of ammunition to use for who-knows-what.  Imagine if he asked for another ounce of gold to fund a massive database so the government could spy on you. He would be laughed out of office.

The reality of sound money would not only restrain governments; it would also restrain banks. Do you think banks would make high-risk investments and bad loans, like they do today, if they used gold and silver, instead of fiat funny money? Not likely. If real money was at stake, they would be much more careful with it. But there is no accountability in today’s system because the banks know they can always leverage more paper money. And even if their imaginary system crashes, they can always count on the government to bail them out.

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  1. This is the most honest answer anyone could ever hope for. This is a fact based reply, with intent to help others realize the true state of mind that leads us into being controlled by our dishonest government, and Its’ ability to allow its entity, to be governed by an outside entity, that ignores and alters the laws intended to protect Its’ authors, and citizens alike, in the interests of power and control, instead of greed and wealth. If you create a currency, to replace sound money, and collect any and all materials that are used to create sound money, then you have taken over control of the population , of any interested parties, that accept and agree on the transfer and conversion of said monies, and begin to used Centralized banking as their default monetary guidelines and laws therein. The usage of banking systems was intended to protect the money of the citizens who would allow the banking system to store and protect each and every customer who would facilitate such an idea, and then the banking system would make the guarantee of replacement of said monies, up to an astronomical amount(noone had that amount of money,realistically) and used the highest law and its authority to insure the customers and their cache of money. The Federal Government. They tricked the common man into using their system after the fallout of the stock market in the U.S., in the 1920’s. A perfect opportunity for any interested parties(or entities that had no place to call home) to try to change over the power of the land unto themselves. And the value of money has not been the same since. But even more so, the population and Its’ control has never been more evident than it is today, as a result of this business structure, and it’s ability to teach each household how to live their lives in the business model of a week to week, or monthly format. This model allowed the population of a failed economy to remain in its region of the world , which would otherwise see it’s people return to their origins, and return its stolen soil to its indigenous inhabitants. The story of sound money has an endless heartbeat, and the manipulation of sound money has changed the way that heart beats amongst us. We have allowed its value to change faces, exchange its intentions, and have become slaves to the intentions of the Entity that has manipulated us into believing that we can’t live without paper currency, and we must have money to live, when in all truths, each and every one of us truly only need air, food, water, and perhaps light to enjoy living our lives. When trading is more important than life itself, it should become evident that we will fail in every facet of life, and we shall not continue forever. Think about it, often.

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