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  • 20 ounce minimum order for gold.
  • 500 ounce minimum order for silver.
  • Bank wires accepted.
  • Checks accepted.
  • Credit cards not accepted.
  • Tulving does not report any sales or purchases.

The Tulving CompanyAfter over 30 years of business,The Tulving Company filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy protection on March 11, 2014. If you ordered from Tulving after December 9, 2013, and you never received your order, you should contact attorney is Karl S. Kronenberger of Kronenberger Rosenfeld. Kronenberger Rosenfeld has filed a class action lawsuit against The Tulving Company and Hannes Tulving personally.

For the historical record, a description of the former Tulving operations remains here:

Hannes Tulving, Jr.’s parents were immigrants who found and live the American Dream. Both mother and father came to the United States in 1949 from Estonia, a small country on the Baltic Sea, that had been taken over by Russia during World War II. They arrived in this country with no money, some clothes, and big dreams. In 1953, Hannes Sr. bought his first business, a Chevron service station. He would remain a Chevron dealer until he retired in 1985.

Hannes Jr. was born July 6th, 1955, and by age eight was already doing odd jobs around his father’s service station. He worked on and off at the station through his teenage years, doing such things as working on cars, pumping gas, and doing the daily books. Hannes was the Prom King and also an avid basketball player, and in his senior year at Covina High School in Covina, California, earned All-CIF honors. He proceeded to go to Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, in California, on a basketball scholarship.

Hannes Tulving, Jr. became a full time coin dealer in 1976. He began by selling coins at a local swap meet, and then started to attend local coin conventions. Early in his career he was fortunate enough to meet John Wayne, “The Duke.” He became one of Mr. Tulving’s largest customers, buying gold bullion from him.

In 1979, Mr. Tulving moved his operation down to Newport Beach, California, where it has been ever since. Mr. Tulving’s professional accomplishments have been numerous over the years. In the 1982 edition of Wayne Miller’s famous The Morgan and Peace Dollar Textbook, Mr. Tulving was listed as a major contributor to the book. Mr. Miller has called Hannes Tulving “the best dealer in the gem silver dollar business.” In July, 1983, Hannes Tulving wrote an article for the Coin Dealer Newsletter (Grey Sheet). The editor had this to say of Mr. Tulving, “Mr. Tulving is among the small group of the country’s leading silver dollar specialists; the knowledge and experience that he has gained by a nearly exclusive concentration on dollars over a number of years enables him to view the overall market in a very discerning manner.”

PCGS is now one of the the largest independent grading services, as well as one of the two most reputable services. In late 1985, they wanted Hannes Tulving involved. In a letter from David Hall, founder of PCGS, to Hannes, it said “We invite your participation… as a member of the grading board. We want to be able to say, “seven of the world’s top grading experts” instead of “six”. You… can grade coins for us any time you want.”

In 1986, Les and Sue Fox wrote Silver Dollar Fortune Telling. In the book the authors state “Hannes Tulving, Jr. is one of the most noted and successful silver dollar investment experts in the United States.”

For 30+ years in the rare coin business, he never had a commissioned salesperson on staff, nor did he believe in cold calling people. The Tulving Company had no telemarketing operation, nor did they ever. In the past 30+ years, Hannes has bought and sold over 1.1 million individual coins.

Sensing that the Internet may be the place to be, Hannes set up, in November, 1995. They did all of their business over the internet, using a website, and have done in excess of 1.7 Billion Dollars in business from January 1st, 1999 to November 31st, 2011. They have done business with over 25,000 different customers in all.

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slow delivery if delivered at all

   1 Stars

Written by on Sep 13, 2013

I ordered a monster box over 5 weeks ago and it still hasn't been delivered. My email is never answered and on their website it has some lame excuse like "Our E Mail Has Not Been Working Properly For The Last Few Days." So I finally called and they said they were behind and couldn't tell me when my eagles would come.

I wouldn't mind waiting if I knew up front that there would be delays but there was nothing on the site that indicated delays or shortages at the time I placed my order.

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