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  • Bank wires accepted.
  • Cashiers checks accepted.
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  • Credit cards are not accepted, except for small orders below the minimum order size placed through their website.

Northwest Territorial Mint
Serving the bullion investment community for almost 30 years, Northwest Territorial Mint is located in Federal Way, Washington, and is a leading private mint in the United States.

Large Mint Facility

We have a large physical plant, a work force of 300, and many long-standing minted products. At our modern 118,000 square foot minting facility, we strike both silver bullion and palladium bullion products that are well established in the industry.


  • Authorized retailer of United States Mint products
  • Authorized retailer of Royal Canadian Mint products
  • Authorized retailer of Austrian Mint products
  • Member, The International Precious Metals Institute
  • Member, American Numismatic Association
  • Member, Washington State Coin and Bullion Association

Custom Minting

As a private mint, we are a leading supplier of military challenge or unit coins, police and fire department coins, municipal and government custom commemorative coins. Our designs have commemorated events, honored champions and saluted achievements large and small for nearly three decades. Our medallions have been bestowed as merit awards, retirement gifts and traded as souvenirs and collectors’ items. For more information about our custom minting, please visit our custom minting web site.

Retail Coin Store

We offer online purchases of a wide variety of military coins, commemoratives, and special occasion coins for collectors or for gift giving.

Serving You

Our brick and mortar presence, experience and industry position ensures our customers with competitive prices, excellent service and the confidence that we will be here in the future. We invite you to call one of our bullion representatives to discuss how we can help you reach your precious metal investment goals.


Northwest Territorial Mint (Retail Store)

2505 South 320th Street Suite 110

Federal Way, WA 98003

United States

Phone: 800-344-6468

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Average customer review rating for Northwest Territorial Mint:

1.8 out of 5 from 4 customer reviews.

Still Waiting

   1 Stars

Written by on Jan 03, 2016

I Ordered 600 oz. of silver from Northwest Territorial Mint on 08/31/15, waited ten weeks, no silver. Gave them thirty more days, no silver. Requested a refund, they said ten to fourteen day for my full refund. What do you think? I will tell you, NO REFUND. Does anyone get their money back from this company? NEVER AGAIN. STILL WAITING FOR MY $9,012.00 dollars. Sorry JM Bullion, I will never stray again to save a buck.

Fair review

   1 Stars

Written by on Oct 02, 2015

If silver price falls below your order price, expect delays or no production in hopes you liquidate orders and lose hundreds in the process. It's money in their pocket without ever having your product.

Having a business of my own, I can speak from a business perspective in saying, this company is not designed for large scale production and should do themselves a favor and downgrade from internet advertisement for national sales to a local level. If you require cheap silver for orders under $500 and aren't concerned about 90 days delay before receiving the product, or even more likely, never receiving if the current market is under the order price (losing money by allowing customers to buy back when it's higher is bad business and customers will likely see their product in this situation). However, spending THOUSANDS to purchase bullion will likely result in delays or never receiving product if markets favors the company. Do not be fooled by their claim of 30 years of business as reputable or worthy of your trust. Do the research and determine if risking your investment into this company is worth the few bucks you save over more reputable companies willing to deliver products same day of order, at the cost of 90 day delivery dates, or none at all.

worst service ever

   1 Stars

Written by on Jan 02, 2014

My order took 120 days from when I placed the order to when I received it in the mail. That was 30 days longer than their site quoted. Then about 1/2 of the bullet bullion had noticeable black marks on it and I sent it back. I was told it would be returned as soon as I got it back to them. Wrong,,,, they had a song and dance routine ready for each call and e-mail I made. It was not until I sent the customer service gal and their company a polite letter and shamed them by quoting their so called "customer satisfaction" to the customer and service pledge they have on their website did I finally get my metals back, after another wait again. Never again, not at any price, never

Northwest territorial mint pretty good

   4 Stars

Written by on Nov 01, 2013

My favorite place. They usually have a Good price, plus they make their own silver that costs less than eagles and maple leafs. And if pan American silver lets them mint THEIR silver I think that's the best reference you ca n get .You have to listen when you buy -- they give you a shipping window that you agree to. But if they tell you eight weeks and you decide to sell before then, you can call them and they'll buy it back at current market ratesThe best thing is you can call them and get your questions answered.

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