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Liberty Metals Group is no longer in business.

Liberty Metals Group used to be known as Liberty Coin and Precious Metals.

Liberty Metals Group

Welcome, my name is Mark Lonneker and I am the Founder of Liberty Metals Group, LLC.  My wife Janet and I started this business for several reasons.  As a long time investor in the stock markets and as someone who has always followed global finance and politics, the reasons for owning gold and silver started to become quite clear to me.

I started buying gold and silver nine years ago and continue to do so today. While reading one of the many gold articles one night on my computer, Janet walked by me and said “all you do is read about gold, silver and the politics surrounding them, why don’t you start your own company”.  After much thought, we decided to move forward with that idea.

Our goal from the beginning has been two fold; we wanted to be able to deliver a professional looking website that showed our current buy and sell prices for our products and we also wanted a physical presence in the form of an actual store location.  From my personal buying experiences, I always felt more comfortable buying from a company that had an actual store location instead of a company that was strictly internet based and only had a mailing address.  We have accomplished this by opening our first store in Del Mar, California.  On 4/23/12, we opened our second store in Scottsdale, Arizona.  On 5/14/13 we opened our third store in Irvine CA.  So, if you live or are visiting the Southern California area or the Phoenix metro area, we invite you to visit our stores in Del Mar, Ca Irvine CA, or Scottsdale, AZ.

I also would invite any comments or feedback regarding our website from my fellow gold and silver buyers. You can email me directly at or you can call during business hours.   We strive to offer you the best prices and a level of service that is unsurpassed so your input is greatly appreciated.  Thanks for visiting our website and have a great day!

“The budget should be balanced, the Treasury should be refilled, public debt should be reduced, the arrogance of officialdom should be tempered and controlled, and the assistance of foreign lands should be curtailed  lest the Republic become bankrupt.  People must again learn to work, instead of living on public assistance.”

Marcus Tillius Cicero, 55 BC


Liberty Metals Group, LLC (Retail Store)

1125 Camino Del Mar Suite C

Del Mar, CA 92014

United States

Phone: 877-511-COIN

Liberty Metals Group, LLC (Retail Store)

10050 N. Scottsdale Road Suite 119

Scottsdale, AZ 85253

United States

Phone: 877-888-8052

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   1 Stars

Written by on Mar 31, 2016

Took $9,400 for silver eagle coins order on 7/2014, failed to deliver product. After a year of deceit and broken promises, we filed a civil suit for Breach of Contract and were awarded a Default Judgement. They will not respond to any communications (mail, phone, email) and we are now in process of sending them to collections. They have multiple judgements against them and appear to be in hiding. Our lawyer has recommended if they don't pay that we next file a criminal suit for fraud as they took money with no intent/ability to deliver the goods. May as well have been robbed. Cannot stress enough, DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH.

They are good

   5 Stars

Written by on Jan 16, 2014

I like their site, easiest to use of them all, I have ordered in the past and will order again. Great prices too. They say that whatever they have online they also have in their store. I am going to phoenix in Feb and will see. My favorite dealer by far. Jerry

   1 Stars

Written by on Jun 04, 2013

6 weeks to ship an RCM 100 oz bar when the site says 3 weeks delay. Turtle's pace delivery & they don't do what they promise.

Then they offer to let you pull the order & go elsewhere, but only if they get to sock it to you on your credit card.

Bait & switch. You're buying a futures contract with them not precious metals only you don't know when or if they'll deliver.

Bad News.

Great Service and Great Prices

   5 Stars

Written by on Feb 12, 2013

I have used many of the companies on this site and most of them are good. I found Liberty Coin & Precious Metals when someone on Zerohedge recommended them in a review. I now recommend them to everyone. Great service, no high pressure sales, and Great prices....what more can you ask for in a bullion dealer. Also, I think that they have by far the easiest website to use when ordering or just checking prices. Hi Ho Silver!! Hans

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