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Grizzly Gold & SilverGrizzly Gold and Silver has been a precious metals exchange since 2011 and visitors enjoy private parking and a clean environment. We have three locations, which were created to fulfill the needs of investors and folks who wanted a more professional, friendlier atmosphere with integrity and transparency. We offer big city products with small town integrity.

Grizzly Gold and Silver has customers who visit us for a variety of reasons. Some are looking for the perfect birthday present, while others are looking to secure the future of their children or grandchildren. Some have a recently gifted coin or bullion collection, while others aren’t sure what they have in their possession and need an appraisal. Whether you need a tenth of an ounce, or thousands of ounces, or are looking to sell, Grizzly Gold and Silver is able to supply it at consistently low prices. We welcome you to stop by our store today and view our selection of products.

Grizzly Gold & Silver (Retail Store)

1935 Brooks St

Missoula, MT 59801

United States

Phone: (406) 541-6690

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