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CBMintCBMint is a US-based precious metals retailer which was founded by a group of actual bullion investors. CBMint is familiar with a wide variety of products and offers up-to-the minute pricing and advice from experienced account specialists at no additional charge. Because of its online presence, CBMint avoids overhead costs associated with retail stores, and passes the savings directly to you. CBMint’s mission is to offer high quality products at the lowest prices possible.


CBMint’s passion for precious metals and comprehensive knowledge separates them from other online bullion stores. Unlike other dealers in the bullion industry, CBMint is comprised of bullion investors with decades of combined experience and knowledge in the precious metal markets. CBMint has used that knowledge to build the strongest bullion store possible. They know the products and their customers, and  they are first and foremost precious metal investors themselves. CBMint gladly shares their knowledge and experience with their customers at no cost, so you can make informed decisions about your precious metals purchases.

Priority One: Security, Privacy, and Trust

CBMint understands the necessity of privacy and security for their customers. Therefore, they strive to provide quality products inexpensively, quickly, and securely. CBMint utilizes the very latest in information security, and never gathers any information without customer permission. They gather only what they need to complete your order, and even that is minimal amount of information is safely guarded.

Great Products

CBMint only sells products from reputable distributors, mints, and dealers. All of CBMint’s products are purchased from well-trusted and well-known refiners and mints and distributors, and all products are 100% guaranteed to be authentic because of this. CBMint only offers products that meet strenuous quality-control methods. You can browse their online store to learn more about individual products.

The History of CBMint

CBMint was founded by a group of bullion investors based in the United States, with operations in North Dakota, Delaware, New York, and Wisconsin. Since the founding of their online store, CBMint has sold quality precious-metal bullion products throughout North America. CBMint  encourages you to browse the online store and welcomes you to contact them with any questions, comments, or concerns that you may have at cbmint.com.

CBMint LLC (Office)

122 State St.

Madison, WI 53703

United States

Phone: 866-300-0504

Read Customer Service Reviews of CBMint

Before you buy precious metals from any bullion dealer, be sure to check out the price comparison charts for silver coins, silver bars, gold coins and gold bars, and of course read the CBMint reviews below.

Average customer review rating for CBMint:

3.5 out of 5 from 4 customer reviews.

Worst Customer Service Ever

   1 Stars

Written by on Jan 24, 2018

I ordered a modest amount of gold and silver Eagles from this company. After three weeks of patiently waiting for my order to ship I have still not received the silver. I have now called 5 times over the last two weeks to find out when the silver is going to ship. Every time I am told it is shipping the next day and I will get a call back with the UPS tracking number later that day. So far, no call backs, no tracking number and no silver. At this point, I'm trying to figure out if they are dishonest or just incompetent. For sure, they are not trustworthy.

return customer x 3

   5 Stars

Written by on Aug 06, 2016

My third order just arrived as expected. Good service and prices.

great service

   4 Stars

Written by on Jul 14, 2016

My order took a little long to ship, but customer service was in constant communication and treated me like a king.


   4 Stars

Written by on May 14, 2014

The items I ordered were as described. The free shipping and low price was the main reason I decided to go with CBMint. I placed the order on Friday, but it wasn't shipped until Monday though. Therefore only 4 stars. I would buy from them again though.

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