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  • Bullion Direct sells PMs directly from their catalog, and they offer a proprietary exchange platform, Nucleo, which connects individuals, dealers, miners etc.
  • Personal or business checks accepted.
  • Credit cards are only accepted for non-bullion orders. Exceptions: Gold British Sovereign, Swiss 20 Franc Helvetia, French 20 Franc, Certified American Eagle and Certified American Buffalo. .
  • Cashiers checks accepted.
  • Money orders accepted.
  • Credit cards are accepted for catalog orders, but not for products bought on Nucleo.

Bullion DirectBullion Direct went bankrupt on July 20, 2015.

Bullion Direct, headquartered in Austin, Texas, was formed in August 1999 as a privately held Texas corporation with a mission to develop, deploy, and operate a unique business model. Bullion Direct provides a platform for the trading, clearing, purchasing, and storage of physical precious metals. They facilitate efficient consumer and small business transactions using their order-matching platform.

In the 1990’s, Bullion Direct created a hub-centric order matching system for precious metals, now known as Nucleo. Bullion Direct’s experienced team launched its web-based service in 2000 with an intimate knowledge of the physical precious metals industry and the practical application of the latest technologies.

Bullion Direct has empowered self-directed individuals and institutions by providing online access to a real-time market. Bullion Direct continues to grow with the enthusiastic support of its members.

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BDirect, Inc. (Office)

700 Lavaca St. LL 1

Austin, TX 78701

United States

Phone: 512-462-2646

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Average customer review rating for Bullion Direct:

2.9 out of 5 from 7 customer reviews.


   1 Stars

Written by on Jul 14, 2015

Assuming they are out of business----unfortunately, they have my money and I don't have the silver I ordered on the last two orders placed. Don't make the same mistake I did. No response to emails or telephone calls!!!!

Still in Business?????

   1 Stars

Written by on Jul 07, 2015

At this point can't go any lower than 1 star....Stay away. They take your money and don't ship or respond to inquiries.


   1 Stars

Written by on Jul 01, 2015

Maybe once they were legitimate. I've done business with them since 2011 ,...beware they've taken $6,019.45 for five ounces of gold and failed to deliver and refuse to answer any correspondence whether e-mail or phone. They have a posting on there site stating there shutting down operations due to , "Transactional delay............, and future messages will be posted on this site" ..it has been two weeks and no new postings ...There below rating they manage to pick up a second check I'd sent for an order of silver fortunately I was able to put a stop on that check or they would have had another 3,400.00 of my money................Beware...they get a -5 star rating

Just OK

   3 Stars

Written by on Jun 01, 2015

Agonizingly slow in delivery---Prices are good but the span of time for actual delivery is painful. I pay by check, but once the check clears the bank, there is no reason to prolong delivery. Have made four purchases this month ad experience is the same on all.

Good service and easy to use

   5 Stars

Written by on Aug 20, 2014

Nothing but good transactions from this firm. My latest order, #PQJY4EUPKJ, arrived on time and in good order. Site is a bit more complicated than standard click-to-order sites, but they offer more too with their online 'portfolio'.

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