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APMEXAPMEX was originally created as a source where investors could diversify their portfolios with precious metals less money than typically found elsewhere. They have never made low-price guarantees on any of their products; however, their prices are competitive and often lower than their competition. APMEX claims that they do not have any hidden fees or charges. What you see is what you get. The only additional fee is a shipping charge, which is clearly marked and defined during the order process.

As a leading online gold dealer, APMEX offers great service and terrific prices. The volume of business they do allows them to purchase precious metals in larger quantities at discounts, thus passing the savings on to the customer.

APMEX is highly active in buying and selling most precious metals including bars, wafers and coins. APMEX carries all US mint bullion products. They also sell all Royal Canadian Mint products and other popular bullion products from around the world.

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APMEX, Inc (Office)

226 Dean A. McGee Avenue

Oklahoma City, OK 73102

United States

Phone: 800-375-9006

APMEX, Inc (Office)

5801 Broadway Ext.

Oklahoma City, OK 73118

United States

Phone: 800-375-9006

APMEX, Inc (Office)

40 Wall Street 50th Floor

New York, NY 10005

United States

Phone: 800-375-9006

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Before you buy precious metals from any bullion dealer, be sure to check out the price comparison charts for silver coins, silver bars, gold coins and gold bars, and of course read the APMEX reviews below.

Average customer review rating for APMEX:

3.8 out of 5 from 5 customer reviews.

Apmex Delivers as promised

   4 Stars

Written by on Aug 09, 2013

I purchased some silver and supplies from Apmex and they delivered on time.
I have no problem with this company.

I do now have concerns about William's posts. It could have also been the delivery man.

   5 Stars

Written by on May 22, 2013

Delivered quick, in fact I am still waiting on orders from other dealers (JM Bullion and Bullion Direct) that were placed 4 weeks and two weeks earlier respectively. If they can stay competitive on price I will definitely use them again.

As for the privacy issue raised by William, I expect large businesses to keep records. I use a local dealer for my non recorded purchases.

Keeps Records of All Purchases On-line

   1 Stars

Written by on Mar 09, 2013

APMEX refuses to delete my purchases from their website... my house was broken into and safe and other valuables stolen. ALL MY GOLD & SILVER COINS STOLEN! This was after my identity was stolen. I was advised by my bank to take down ALL ON-LINE accounts... BUT APMEX REFUSED (STILL REFUSES) TO TAKE THE DETAILS OF ALL MY TRANSACTIONS DOWN FROM THERE WEBSITE. Anyone that hacks into their account KNOWS YOUR ADDRESS AND HOW MUCH GOLD AND SILVER YOU PURCHASED!

When I asked why, APMEX keeps records of ALL transactions so if the IRS come sniffing around, APMEX WILL GET THEM EVERYTHING THEY HAVE ON FILE ABOUT YOU!

As you can imagine, collecting Gold and Silver coins is a way to insure against Government overspending and confiscation of wealth through over taxation and confiscation. But APMEX doesn't see it that way. They will help the government get every last dime from you in the event of an illegal confiscation.

Do NOT buy coins from APMEX... they do not care about you one bit - they keep your records on-file, Name, address, and every single coin you own so that any burgler that hacks their "flimsy" website will know exactly where your treasure is hidden putting you, your wife and children at risk of death. The burglers that hit our home were known to carry firearms and use them!


Quick and easy, but...

   4 Stars

Written by on Nov 11, 2012

I've made 4 purchases through apmex for both gold and silver and each time received my products on time, with absolute ease. There was however, one thing, that may not be related to Apmex, but in part I think is. With my first few purchases, my items came via UPS and attained a signature for delivery. When I was upgraded in customer status, the cost of my shipping went down, but also, my shipping method was changed to USPS. The last order I made was supposed to receive a signature, but instead the post man signed for my package and threw it in my mailbox. If I had known that the "upgrade" in status with reduced shipping costs was also going to downgrade the service used to deliver, I would have preferred to continue paying extra for shipping.

Delivered Quickly, As Promised, At Price

   5 Stars

Written by on Oct 01, 2012

Delivered Quickly, As Promised, At Price. That is all I want.

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