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AmsterdamGoldAmsterdamGold is the largest Dutch gold-bullion specialist and holds a license from the Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM).

AmsterdamGold opened its doors in Castricum in 2008 under the inspiring leadership of Willem Middelkoop. A year later became AmsterdamGold, a leader in the field of physical bullion.

“Since well before the credit crisis erupted in full force, he warned that the current financial system was about to collapse.”

De Volkskrant about Willem Middelkoop (28-10-2008).

In 2011, the subsidiary Amsterdam Safe was created to provide precious metal storage. While banks closed their vaults to individuals, AmsterdamGold opened secure and fully-insured bullion storage.

AmsterdamGold is one of the most secure places in the Netherlands and is located in an area that is controlled by the military police.

AmsterdamGold began with the vision of Willem Middelkoop, but the story does not end there. Value8 has been the majority shareholder of AmsterdamGold since 2011, ans is listed as an investment company headed by Peter Paul de Vries. As a former director of the Association of Stockholders (Vereniging van Effectenbezitters), De Vries has the quality and vision of AmsterdamGold bundled with experience of investing in a broad sense.

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