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Note: The Perth Mint is in Australia; however, they currently offer free worldwide shipping on orders over $400 AUD.

Perth MintThe Perth Mint is owned by the government of Australia and operated by Gold Corporation (ABN 98 838 298 431), which also has two wholly owned subsidiaries: Western Australian Mint and GoldCorp Australia.

The Perth Mint has been doing business with precious metals for over 100 years. It all began as a branch of Royal Mint of Britain in 1899. At the time, gold sovereigns were used throughout the British Empire as real money, and it was the Royal Mint’s job to produce them. Instead of shipping gold to London for distribution to British colonies, the Royal Mint built branch mints throughout the Empire in places where gold was discovered. The Perth Mint was just one of these branches, which was built to refine gold mined in Western Australia and turn it into sovereigns. When sovereigns were removed from circulation in 1931, the Mint produced other coins and continued its gold refinery at the same time. The Perth Mint remained under British ownership until 1970 when control was handed over to the Government of Australia.

Australia’s Gold Corporation Act 1987 created the Gold Corporation with a mission to take over the operations of the mint and launch Australia’s official bullion coin program. The Australian Nugget coin was first launched in 1987, and it was followed by many other successful bullion coin programs and commemorative coins to this day.

The mint eventually outgrew the old location in the city of Perth and a new refinery was built near the Perth international airport, where it has been in operation since 1990.

The Gold Corporation and its subsidiaries, trading as The Perth Mint, supply precious metal related products and services, including:

  • Refining of gold and silver.
  • Production of London Good Delivery bars.
  • Australian legal tender bullion coins and value-added cast bars.
  • Storage and safekeeping for precious metals.
  • Legal tender coins of Australia and other countries, including proof, numismatic and commemorative coins.
  • Coin blanks and other precious-metal related products.

The Gold Corporation also operates a tourist attraction based on the themes of gold, coins and their history, and offers assaying and other services to the gold industry.


Perth Mint (Retail Store)

310 Hay Street

East Perth, WA 6004


Phone: +61-8-9421-7218

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Quality, Stability & Price

   4 Stars

Written by on Apr 04, 2019

As an Australian based gold & silver bullion stacker, the Perth Mint is an obvious option for me despite there being countless other retailers, many of which offer cheaper prices than direct from the mint on smaller quantities, nobody beats the Perth Mint direct when it comes to purchasing medium to large quantities of bullion coins.
Their service is flawless, always prompt and personalised & shipping super fast and secure.
The "Volume Breaks" (quantity discounts) on all of their bullion coins make it exponentially cheaper the greater the quantity.

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