The main purpose of this site is to catalog price comparison information for gold and silver from as many dealers as possible in real time, so you can compare gold bar prices, compare gold coin prices, compare silver bar prices, and compare silver coin prices to find the cheapest gold prices and the cheapest silver prices.

The secondary purpose of this site is to educate people about sound money, using simple terms and explanations, and to log important events that affect money-making decisions. I organize this information in these categories:

  • Articles – news items that affect gold and silver markets and other subjects, like liberty and freedom.
  • Economics 101 – Basic concepts you should know about money and economics.
  • Reference – Posts that appear in the this category contain lists, tables and charts related to silver, gold, precious metals, sound money, etc.
  • Watchlist – Important events to keep your eye on and predictions made by prominent people in the PM world.Note: When I quote someone in the Watchlist, it does not necessarily mean I agree with the subject.  Often, I use the Watchlist as a historical record, to separate the wheat from the chaff.

I’m just an average guy with some web skills who believes in sound money. If you’re like me, you barely have any savings to buy gold or silver, so when you do exchange your fiat currency (aka: federal reserve notes, dollars, toilet paper) for real money, you want to find the best deal possible. So that’s why I made this site.

I try as hard as I can to keep the price-collection scripts running smoothly; however, computers are not perfect and precious metal dealers can change their site layouts without notification to me. Therefore I assume no responsibility for the integrity of data presented on this site.

If you have a request for a site whose prices you want to see cataloged, just leave a comment below or contact me.



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    1. Thanks for the input! I’m currently recoding the tables so each product listing will link directly to the dealer’s product description (so you don’t have to search their sites for the bullion you want).

      I’ll add APMEX and Texas Precious Metals while I’m at it.

  1. Also – Kitco typically shows a regular and a reduced price on alot of items. Your pricing is showing the regular price, not the reduced to. For example – Kitco’s rate for silver eagles as of this moment is $34.67 but your site is showing the regular $35.03. Same is true for gold eagles.

    1. Thanks for the tip. Sometimes it’s problematic when dealers change their layout so sale prices aren’t listed in the normal price location. I’ll see if I can fix it right away.

  2. Just a heads up, I went to Lear Capital – their prices are off by more than a dollar…their listed price is a dollar+ lower than their actual price on their site…I checked them out because they were the low priced ASE, but turns out, they’re not…just wanted to give you notice…I know it’s tough to keep up with this stuff, but you’re doing a great job. This is a really valuable resource…I send people here a lot. I hope it continues to work for you…

    1. Thanks again for the tip and your patronage. They changed some tags on their site that confused my scripts, but I fixed the problem now.

    1. Thanks for the tip, but I don’t see their prices on their site. The prices have to be listed online in order for me to index them. I will create a review page for them however.

    1. Thanks for the tip. I’ll add them this weekend.
      I did try to add them this weekend, but I couldn’t mine their site with my default scripts. So I’ll have to make a custom script and it will take a little time.

    1. Do you mean discounts for quantities ordered, like when there is a lower price if you order 20 coins? If that’s what you mean, I’ve been looking at that for a long time. The problem is that some dealers offer discounts at 20, others at 25 etc. In the future, I’ll display this info in some way, but I’m not sure how yet.

  3. For 4 years I have bought a lot of gold and silver from True Metals Group – TMG – and the website is Silver50.com.

    They have been very professional, and I always check their prices against your site, and TMG is almost always one of the three least expensive.

    So you might want to check them out, good people doing a good job, I am very happy with them.

  4. I love your site! Would it be possible to add additional coins like the Chinese Panda, Australian Kookaburra, Koala, and Britannia?


    1. Thanks! I will definitely consider adding them. If I don’t have room for all of them, which ones are your favorite?

  5. I would like to see Merit Gold and Westminister Mint. I have purchased from these and will be looking for a place to comment when my orders are complete. (or if) Thank you for this nice page and information.

  6. RE: Silver Bullion prices. The link for APMEX’s 1 oz. silver bullion is bad. The link goes to a coin holder, not bullion.

    1. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. Anytime you notice an error, please feel free to report it right away.
      I’m not sure why there is a discrepancy in the prices. At first glance, it seems like everything is working properly on my server, but I’ve removed Gainesville from the listings until I have time to investigate it thoroughly.

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